Friday, September 21, 2018

Emcee Unknoen Getting Your Attention

Indie Music Review Submission 2018 Emcee D Unknoen is back at it again. After several times roaming far into the desert, he is back with what you can tell, are revolutionary albums, in both CD and Mp3 format. The CD versions are smaller collections of previously released Mp3 recordings, but the most recent of which have changed the elevation D Unknoen takes you and anyone, with his music. The album 'Radiation Typhoon' begins hard core rock introduction song entitled "Tundra' representing the potential power that could be unleashed at any time within a barren or occupied desert, each with its own prolific impact on Life;  with a style you can't mess with, Tundra gets you going with adrenaline and groove and unless you are pulling something either greasy or runny, and even then, you are going to really want to keep the D Unknoen pumping through your eardrums. Well then, the hard core rock on edge drama gives way quickly to very TWERK friendly 'My Nifty', just ready to get those arses moving and those hips rocking hard and shaking, leading to hip hop soft edm style electronica hybrid of other tracks leave you in between a motivation and a soft place when old school guitar chords of the westerns meet with drums, bass and drops, hooks and all kinds of rhythm, 'fistful of dollerz' and 'city park sunsets' bereave mediocrity with their ukelele and acoustic strings, 'morning jog' and 'music box' are unique to contemporary and modern music; merging with electronica both are music and scholarly compositions to say the least. the album ends with 'conquer day to day' and proves to be an instrumental album worth anyone's time. Radiation Typhoon is released next to singles of Emcee D Unknoen like 'Lighthearted Pain' a bridge to old style alternative and rock and 'Sealvest 22", a lean to electronica mixed with traditional old school beats. All are Nice hybrids, I guess. DL

Monday, August 20, 2018

Aged Trees Destroyed in Downtown Dover, NH

The library lawn which just a week or two ago was filled with lush grass and aged evergreen trees beautiful for lamping under during hot summer months was recently overhauled and the trees were torn down and chopped into pieces in order to make way for a beautiful parking lot of 30 minute or less parking spaces. The loss of the trees is a travesty because they were large beautiful trees and had a huge and fantastic overhang. The trees were sawed down and chopped up and hauled away on trucks to make way for crews ripping up the dirt and grass lawn that stood there. The destruction of the Spruce tree was a shame, as people brushed it off, as a new way to masticate cosmetic construction to the superficiality that has been swarming the town from the outskirts and in the center of the village downtown. It reflects the mediocre level of thought that goes into a lack of enthusiasm for a place that seems to be overrun with leased cars and low paying jobs, coupled with the dominance of the under-educated be it non union nature of low paying construction firms that arose within the last two decades in the local area. It goes to show that people will be complacent enough to not say anything if they are fed enough hay and dramatic possibility of upsetting the so called status quo. The area itself needs an overhaul, with pedestrian lights going off in different directions at the same time, the rise in outspoken indecency towards the life that once occupied the U.S. of natural instigation of natural habitat, just as so many other areas are; but what do you expect of a society greedy to please its Canadian neighbors who recently torn down hundreds of streets and trails in order to propagate a very well funded and functioning throughway a freeway that runs all along the border of the continent through Ontario? It seems like Canadian thought and anti american semitism host the minds of many of the uneducated workers who roam the streets and work the factories of Dover in search for a relief to their never ending desire for a quick fix in favor of keeping their lights on and eating a balanced meal, a mentality forever dominant in our northern neighbors in order to keep the U.S. divided from its own people, thoughts and resources. The destruction of the trees is an afterthought to quick 30 minute spaces for those just running errands and jogging in and out of the library. The division factor dominates the castes and classes of Dover, as the poor get poorer and the rich just keep getting more and more superficial; like when Starbucks and coffee shops replaced Virgin Records and the music stores, will the presidential hopefuls have an easy time hanging out in Dover without being threatened by the blind rage of anti american hypocrites who seem to be flocking to residence in Dover, again to a Northern neighbor agenda? Of course not, he is going to sink to a form of socialism that appeases these rats, lives in a hotel near by during the campaign and hope to God and whatever else he can that the socialists scare the living hell out of everyone else and bring him to victory. But that is a story for another day, like when all of the Canadian border states announce that they are supporting the privatization and engineering of a population implanted and controlled by microchips provided by a company who gives funding to such research and implementation, no wonder this blog gets so few views.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Recommended Video: Food Bi Products

Doritos and Cheetos, Twinkies are filled with Petroleum, Cereal is filled with Lawn fertilizer;

McDonald's Shakes contain Beaver Anal Glands, Potted Meat Contains Separated Chicken Meat and Pig stomach lining. The food we put into our bodies often has preservatives and items meant to save money for meat farms not nutritional values